’68 – ’72 Nova Parts

Ultra-Carbon carries a large line of parts for your ’68 – ’72 Nova. Please see each section below for items, photos, and pricing information. Call to order your parts today!

’68 – ’72 Nova Parts


Pin-on: $1500

Bolt-on: $2600


68-72 Nova doors are available with a stock looking inner and outer panel in our clear carbon finish. Doors can be ordered with a lexan flange at the top of the door for race car only use, or with a window channel opening at the top of the door for use with factory window glass and regulator. All factory handles, latches, hinges and hardware can be used on either style door with holes clearly marked, but not drilled or cut to allow for custom installation. $3200/pr

Trunk Lid

Pin-on: $800

Bolt-on: $1600

Note: Item will also fit ’73 – ’74.

Nova Cowl Panel


Bumpers and Accessories

’70 – ’72 Front Bumper/Spoiler Combo: $1300

Note: Item will also fit ’68 – ’69.

Front Bumper Brackets (4-piece): $400

Rear Bumper: $1000

Inner Fenders: $800 per side

’68 – ’74 Nova Core Support

Bolts to frame, fenders, and fender wells. No tabs for radiator or hood latch. 7lbs lighter than stock. Made with 1-inch moly tubing. Built by Ron from Rhodes Custom Auto. $300

Radiator Top Plates

Three-bolt: $250

Four-bolt: $300