Introducing Paint Grade Carbon Fiber Parts from Ultra-Carbon

Effective December 1st, 2023, Ultra-Carbon will officially launch our new product line of paint-grade carbon fiber parts priced 30-35% below our regular line of clear carbon parts. Our entire product line will now be available in a paint-grade finish. Same great quality and fitment, with no expenses spared…just not clear carbon. Pin-on parts will not have the glossy backside, but that will be an option you can add if you want it. Bolt-on parts will have the option to go half paint grade, half clear carbon if, for example, you’re painting the outside of your doors, but want the inner and jambs to remain clear carbon. Same with hoods and trunk lids.

Price Increases Coming December 1st

Effective Dec 1st, 2021, Ultra-Carbon is once again forced to raise prices on most parts we offer. Price increases will be 10-20% on most items.

While annual 2-5% price increases are a necessary evil in most businesses, this year has hit the composites world especially hard. In order to maintain the margins that allow the business to continue to operate, prices must go up commensurate with the cost of materials. This year, we’ve seen unprecedented cost increases in raw goods across the board, but the increases have been abnormally substantial in many of the items we use to make our parts, including resins, adhesives, epoxy, gel coat, and even regular consumable supplies like tape and gloves. Many supplies have gone up 20-30%, and some things have even doubled or tripled from what we paid for the same item just a year ago. Our expenses this year have gone through the roof, and we pushed through, eating the deficit with each part made.

So, to that end, expect SUBSTANTIAL price increases beginning December 1st, 2021. If you need parts now, order them now. No one will be grandfathered into the old prices once they go up. The end of November is your last chance to get the current pricing level on parts.

Proudly Made in the USA

At Ultra-Carbon we strive to produce the best carbon fiber products available and to do that we proudly make all of our products in the United States. Everything from Roll Bar Protectors to Roof Panels is manufactured in-house at our Lakewood, WA shop, and we will continue to do so to ensure our customers receive the highest quality parts, money can buy!

Introducing the Ultra-Carbon Push Dagger

The Ultra-Carbon Push Dagger is the first release in a collection of knives being developed for collectors and enthusiasts by Ultra-Carbon. This unique, original design will serve you well as a safe, lightweight knife to carry for self-defense or emergency use. Each knife includes its own Custom Kydex Sheath.

The first 250 units will receive a special first batch pricing of $245 (normally $299), so act fast! Buying 2 or more knives in one order will also get you our special bulk pricing! Shipping is free and will arrive to you through USPS Priority Mail.

Order today at!