New Doors For Your G-Body

Ultra-Carbon is always hard at work pumping out new and improved parts for your car, so we have now expanded our G-Body door availability to include ’78 – ’83 Malibu / ’78 – ’88 El Camino, ’81 – ’87 Cutlass / Regal / T-Type / GN / GNX, and ’81 – ’88 Monte Carlo Doors! Please visit the G-Body Parts page to view all the parts that we offer for your car, then give us a call to place your order!

S197 Mustang Quarter Windows

S197 Mustang quarter windows have been available from Ultra-Carbon for a few years now. They may only save a few pounds, but they add a whole lot of cool factor!! They glue into place just like your factory glass. Heck, you could probably use double-sided tape to stick them to your factory glass so they’re removable. They weigh just 7 ounces each. Also available in all the colors we offer for roll bar tube protectors. Find them on the website at the 05-09 or 10-14 Mustang pages!

SN95 Mustang Roofs Now Available

Weighing in at just 8.5 pounds, you’ll save 20+ pounds off the highest point in your race car, lowering the car’s center of gravity. Lowering the center of gravity isn’t just good for road race cars, it’s also a benefit to drag cars.

Putting a cage in your car soon? Take the roof of your car to give easy access to the top side of bars for welding, and replace it with an Ultra-Carbon roof. We also make carbon fiber doors and trunk lids for these cars. Please take a look at the ’94-’98 Mustang and the ’99-’04 Mustang Parts pages to find products we produce for your vehicle.