Flat Sheets

4Lightweight Clear Carbon Fiber Truck Tonneau Covers: $1600

Please call to order. We can accommodate beds as large as 60″x98″ inside dimensions. This is an inside the bed rails tonneau cover, not meant to be installed over the bed rails. When calling, we will need the inside dimensions of your bed. This bed cover is designed to be rigid enough to span the entire bed without need for any additional support rails through the middle.

Rigid Carbon Fiber Electronics Panels: $80/sq ft

If you’re looking for carbon fiber flat stock by the foot for electronics panels, we are now offering 0.090″ thick rigid panels in square sizes for $50/sq ft. Add an additional $50 per piece (cut fee) if you would like it cut to your template. This 0.090″ thick carbon fiber material is twice the thickness of typical flat interior panel sheets. It also features the same brilliantly glossy clear gel coat finish we are known for. No fiberglass or core material inside, this is true carbon fiber through and through. This material is excellent for making dash inserts, electronics panels, and roll cage door bar filler panels.

Online Ordering for 4′ x 8′ Carbon Fiber Sheets: $800

Shipping $120 per order; no limit.

Currently Unavailable


Online Ordering for Thick 4′ x 8′ Carbon Fiber Sheets: $1400

Shipping $200 per order; no limit.

Currently Unavailable



Ultra-Carbon 4×8 flat sheets are created to exceed the industry standard for flat sheet quality. With a mirror-like clear gel coat finish, you won’t find a nicer looking flat panel sheet material from any supplier, regardless of price. And speaking of price, our 0.035″ and 0.045″ flat sheets in pure carbon fiber are virtually the same price as our competition’s carbon/fiberglass sheets!!

We offer four different variations of sheets for sale online, but we can make virtually any thickness tailored to your needs if you just call us with your specs at 253-906-8126.

Our 0.045-inch sheets are the standard thickness that most chassis shops will use for things like door panels, floor panels, and trunk filler panels. These panels are flexible enough to fit contours, but are also rigid enough to make into door panels. Can be bent into about a 15″ circle without fear of cracking or breaking. A full sheet will weigh right around 10 pounds.

Our 0.035-inch sheets are a super-thin, ultra flexible sheet used for making tighter bends like transmission tunnels and such. These panels can be bent into as small as a 10-inch circle without fear of breaking or cracking. A full sheet will weigh about 8 pounds.

Our 0.060-inch sheets are a slightly thicker version of our standard thickness panels where rigidity is more important than flexibility and light weight. A full sheet will weigh about 13 pounds.

Our 0.160-inch sheets are a 3mm core reinforced sheet used for making rigid panels like wings, bed covers, and floors that will see weight placed on them. These sheets are not flexible and will not bend. Due to the white color of the core material, end cuts of this material will expose a white edge. That white edge is easy to color with dye, paint, or a sharpie. A full sheet will weigh about 21 pounds. Call us if you have special needs for your core reinforced material.

Ultra-Carbon flat sheets do not come with an NHRA or SFI certification, but they ARE made with the same type of fire-resistant resin the certified sheets use. Our 0.035″ and 0.045″ sheets ship via UPS, four in a box, rolled up. Our 0.060 and 0.160″ core reinforced sheets ship via truck freight.