’70 – ’72 Chevelle Parts

Please see each section below for items, photos, and pricing information. Call to order your parts today!

Chevelle SS Hoods

Pin-on: $2200

Bolt-on: $4000

Chevelle 4″ Cowl Hood

Pin-on: $2200

Trunk Lids

Pin-on: $1200

Bolt-on: $2400

Trunk Filler Panel: $1100


Stock Style: $5200/pr

Outlaw Style: $5200/pr

Fenders: $4800/pair

Coming Soon!

Inner Fenders: $2600/pair

Front Bumper

Coming Soon!

Rear Bumper

Coming Soon!

Rear Wing: $1600


Will fit 70-72 Chevelle and 70-72 Monte Carlo

Standard Twill: $400

Forged Carbon Fiber: $600 

Radiator Top Plates

Three-bolt: $450

Four-bolt: $450