’66 – ’67 Nova Parts

Ultra-Carbon carries a large line of parts for your ’66 – ’67 Nova. Please see each section below for items, photos, and pricing information. Call to order your parts today!

’66 – ’67 Nova Parts

Flat Hoods

Pin-on: $2300

Bolt-on: $4000

2″ Cowl Hoods

Pin-on: $2300

Bolt-on: $4000

4″ Cowl Hoods

Pin-on: $2300

Bolt-on: $4000

Trunk Lid

Pin-on: $1300

Bolt-on: $2400

Rear Drag Wings

Our 1966-67 Nova rear drag wings are a great way to increase stability in your high MPH race car, all while looking phenomenal! Both wings are designed to mount strutless with the included solid carbon fiber brackets and stainless steel hardware, but can also be used with struts (not included), for ultimate adjustability. When used without struts, these wings are meant to attach only to the trunk lid, not the body, allowing easy access inside your trunk. Our wings come with a fixed wickerbill and spill plates that are solid carbon fiber, so they can be trimmed or shaped to meet your car’s unique look. Like all of our parts, our wings come with a gorgeous, UV resistant, glossy gel coat for years of trouble-free shine on the top side, and a glossy epoxy resin coating on the bottom side for that extra finishing touch!

Full Body Width $1800

Trunk Lid Width $1800


66-67 Nova doors are available with a stock looking inner and outer panel in our clear carbon finish.  Doors can be ordered with a Lexan flange at the top of the door for race car only use or with a window channel opening at the top of the door for use with factory window glass and regulator. All factory handles,  latches, hinges, and hardware can be used on either style door with holes clearly marked, but not drilled or cut to allow for custom installation. $5200 per pair

’66 Nova Headlight Bezels

Installs like factory with factory hardware. Headlight hole and screw holes come undrilled, allowing for a custom installation or complete block-out of headlight area for ultimate weight savings.  $500 per pair

’66 Fenders: $4800 per pair

’67 Fenders: $4800 per pair


Bumpers and Accessories

Chin Spoiler: $1200

Front Bumper/Chin Spoiler Combo Unit: $2100

Front Bumper Brackets: $500

Rear Bumper: $1700