Truck Parts

2015-2019 GMC/Chevrolet Full Size Truck


Clear Carbon: $8000 per pair
Black Gel Coat Carbon: $5000 per pair

Our Ultra-Carbon real carbon fiber bedsides are widened 3” from factory dimensions and the fender lip is dropped 1.5”. Each bedside is handmade in the USA and requires no fabrication skills to replace the stock bedside on your truck. Simply unbolt the stock bedside and replace it with our bedside. You will want to extend your lower fender braces and may or may not want to ditch your stock inner fender liner. Bedsides are available in our standard clear carbon fiber with a beautiful 2×2 twill weave and our signature clear, UV-resistant gel coat, or for those who wish to paint their bedsides, a regular glossy black gel coat finish. Both gel coat finishes are paintable with a simple scuff and shoot process that can be performed by any competent autobody shop.